Teamspeak Server Update Version 3.5.0 Beta 1

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    • Teamspeak Server Update Version 3.5.0 Beta 1

      Liebe Kunden,

      wir werden am Sonntag, den 21.10. um ca. 08:00 Uhr morgens ein Update für alle Teamspeak Server durchführen. Dieses betrifft sowohl die Server von Premium Kunden und Partnern als auch die von Pagian Gaming. Wir rechnen dabei mit einer Downtime von maximal 20 Sekunden.

      Changelog Teamspeak Server Version 3.5.0 Beta 1

      === Server Release 3.5.0 29 october 2018
      Added: Option added to ban users via mytsid or for not having a mytsid.
      Example: banadd mytsid=AaqQu8Z/CzDMxRZ87P5oWpYempDPoO9K3l3VErhVPo+j banreason=banned\smytsid
      Example: banadd mytsid=empty banreason=banned\severyone\sthat\sdoesn't\shave\sa\smytsid

      Removed: Permission 'b_serverinstance_version_view' and 'i_needed_modify_power_serverinstance_version_view'
      and access to the 'version' command can not be restricted anymore.
      Removed: Permission 'b_channel_create_private'. This feature never made it into the server.

      Fixed: Privilegekeys remain valid when used by a user that can not receive the group in question.
      Fixed: The command 'privilegekeydelete' returns 'ok_no_update' now, when the key did not exist in the first place.
      Fixed: Privilegekeys that contain non printable ASCII characters are now rejected before checking in the database.
      Fixed: Mistakes in the 'server_quickstart' and in the server query documentation have been removed.
      Fixed: Trying to delete a virtual server with id '0' will result in 'server_invalid_id' now.

      Bei Fragen stehen wir wie gewohnt auf dem Support Teamspeak Server unter, per E-Mail unter und hier im Forum zur Verfügung.

      Euer Pagian-Team