Teamspeak Server Update Version 3.2.0

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    • Teamspeak Server Update Version 3.2.0

      Liebe Kunden,

      wir werden am Samstag, den 19.05. um ca. 09:00 Uhr morgens ein Update für alle Teamspeak Server durchführen. Dieses betrifft sowohl die Server von Premium Kunden und Partnern als auch die von Pagian Gaming. Wir rechnen dabei mit einer Downtime von maximal 10 Sekunden.

      Changelog Teamspeak Server Version 3.2.0

      === Server Release 3.2.0 14 may 2018
      Added: In light of the recent attacks that have been discovered, we took a closer look to make sure
      we haven't missed anything and prevent some possible future attacks.
      Added: We have enabled the use of Unicode emojis, we hope to see some creative use on your servers.
      This works in all places where the server deals with text, nicknames, channel names, chat etc.
      Added: Query commands customset and customdelete for custom client properties, making those just so
      much more usable.
      Added: The query commands serverstop and serverprocessstop now have a new optional parameter to tell
      your users why it's stopping. No more hardcoded message.
      serverstop sid=123 reasonmsg=BeRightBack!

      Changed: Improved regex matching in the ban manager, it now properly handles UTF-8 characters.
      Old style regex matching like .*().* was actually a bug and is not supported anymore.
      Sorry but you have to change those to use the correct regex escape sequence,
      for the example above it would be .*(\uD83D\uDE08).*
      Changed: The server does not report all slots filled when only reserved slots are left.

      Fixed: When using a privilege key the custom values of the user are not overwritten anymore.
      Fixed: At some point we apparently removed logging of file deletions. It's back now.
      Fixed: Successful server query logins were logged regardless of query logging settings, sorry about
      that spam.

      Bei Fragen stehen wir wie gewohnt auf dem Support Teamspeak Server unter, per E-Mail unter und hier im Forum zur Verfügung.

      Euer Pagian-Team